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A Slippery Slope of Non-Sequiturs

not telling
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Who am I? No idea. Here's some things I've been.

I've lived behind the iron curtain. I've been a refugee, landed immigrant, and a Canadian citizen.

I've been a dorky kid, a punk-rocker, a junkie, a nanny, a carnie, a systems-administrator, a Microsoft and Cisco cert. instructor, and a university student.

I've been homeless, though I never felt like I was.

I've lived in the former Czekoslovakia, Austria, Vancouver, Northern Quebec, and more small towns in Ontario than I can count or care to recall.

I've lost contact with more friends than I'd ever imagined I'd have.

I've been a Catholic, a Pagan, a Buddhist, an ambiguous spiritualist, an agnostic, and finally (and unmovingly) a hard-nosed atheist.

I've been so in love I knew it would kill me, and I've been so cynical I knew love was just something people invented to make certain experiences more meaningful.

I've been, am, and probably always will be, a devoted Whedonverse fanatic.

I've never been naturally good at sports, but I've played baseball, ice-hockey, american football, ran track-and-field, snowboarded, and spent many summer hours in the woods hiking and mountain biking.

In first-year Chemistry, I was known for being a notoriously bad experimenter and having the highest lab mark in the class at the same time.

I run Linux on my home computer, despite (or possibly because of) the fact that I'm Microsoft certified.

I've never been truly bored, although I've often wondered what it's like.

These days I get my kicks doing math, thinking about philosophy, writing and reading fanfic, playing with GIMP (an image editor), exploring livejournal, occasionally playing guitar and drawing, and re-watching my Buffy, Angel, and Firefly DVD sets with whoever I can shanghai into watching with me.

I like to iron clothes.

Who am I? No idea.

I get my screencaps from http://www.screencap-paradise.com/ , space pictures come from http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/

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